The Lock & Charge® system is a safety and power system that simplifies the use and purchase of electric two-wheeled vehicles, with the aim of installing an economical infrastructure for alternative mobility. Lock & Charge® system exploits its potential when used for electric bikes, electric scooters or other electric vehicles, but can be used for normal bicycles. In its most advanced version, Lock & Charge® system is a clever combination of an anti-theft and traceable lock, docking/charging station and cloud technology.

E-bike (pedelec) sharing

This layout of the system is best suitable for small and midsize rent/share e-bike services. Due to the flexible and agile design of the system, customers can start with two bikes and scale up whenever and wherever needed. The bikes can be used for internal fleets (offices, corporates), bike rentals or bike sharing schemes in smaller municipalities (for use in riskier environment, additional security should be applied (e.g.) ring lock).
They can choose to take the LC wall mounted station or the LC socket, that can easily be integrated into own or off-the-shelf infrastructure. In both cases the charger supplied with the vehicle is connected to the socket. If the customer wants to deploy more stations than bikes he will need to buy additional chargers from the vehicle supplier or aftermarket.
The lock can be placed on almost any frame type. Most commonly you would fix the attaching plate onto the bicycle either by screwing it directly into the frame or by using the clamps (need to be ordered separately).
The best position of the lock on the bike is normally under the seat. Ideally the lock is placed near the battery pack in order to keep the cable connection between the lock and battery short. If the system is used with a BOSCH powered bicycle, you need to order the Bosch specific lock, as it provides additional features to enable charging with the original charger.
As long as the system is used for internal fleets (users get access to vehicles only with invite, no payment process involved) the LC web-app or smartphone app can freely be used for operations. The LC smartphone app and fleet manager app offer all core features for operating a small vehicle sharing scheme. If the customer needs any kind of visual or functional modifications to the app, he can use the LC api to develop own front-facing application or purchase the LC app, which he can then modify as needed.
Therefore if the customer wants to rent/share the vehicles for money and if his operations are of considerable size, we recommend them to develop own front-end software with payment system, while using LC back-end software and hardware. With customers that already have a renting/sharing system (may it be car, scooter, ski renting…) the LC API can be used to integrate LC platform in that as well.

Cargo bike sharing/renting

This layout of the system was developed specifically for renting or sharing of cargo bikes. The system provides the locking and charging function of the LC lock as well as separate operation of the cargo box. If the Cargo box lock is attached to the LC lock, the smartphone app will identify this and offer the user the box unlock button.
All other features of the system are the same as with the layout for E-bike sharing.